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Industry News: Ultrasonic Biopsy

Industry News: Ultrasonic Biopsy

Here at Harmonic Medical Sonography we enjoy sharing news about medical advancements in the ultrasound field. Recently, a discovery caught our attention involving the treatment and diagnoses of cancer.

Two university medical researchers discovered the potential of ‘fine-needle biopsies’ combined with ultrasonic vibrations could gather sufficient tissue for cancer diagnoses. Often patients with suspected cancer will attend an ultrasound scan to detect a variety of indicators that would suggest further tests such as a biopsy to get more detail on their condition.

Often these biopsies have to be performed with thick needles that enable enough tissue to be collected to make an accurate diagnosis. This advancement has given the potential to use smaller needles with ultrasonic vibrations that could collect enough tissue to perform the same tests. This would mean a less invasive and less painful experience for potential cancer patients.

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As a company we welcome advancements that ensure our patients are able to receive a more comfortable health journey regardless of whether it is during our care or with other providers. We hope this advancement comes into fruition!

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