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We aim to remain competitive and use a flat rate of £150 per scan area. Below is a guide to the different scan areas. If you are unsure if your scan falls into more than one area please do not hesitate to call our appointments team to make an enquiry.

We are currently taking payment through BACS transfer to keep transaction costs low for our patients.

You will be advised of the amount and payment instructions through your appointment letter. Please ensure you complete payment as soon as possible to confirm your appointment.

** Cancellation/No Show Policy **

Name Description Price
All NHS Scans We perform all types of scans within the AQP NOUS scheme. Choose this option only if you have been referred by your NHS Practitioner e.g. GP, nurse, consultant, physiotherapist, podiatrist or similar. As you have been referred by your practitioner, you will not be charged for the scan. ££
General (Abdominal) Scans​​​​ A survey of the abdomen, can look at the liver, the bile ducts, the gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, spleen and aorta. £150
Breast Scans Breast ultrasound is a valuable tool in the diagnosis of breast abnormalities. £150 per breast
Kidney (Urinary Tract) Scans A detailed scan of the kidneys, bladder, and prostate (in males). £150
Gynaecological (Pelvic) Scans A detailed scan of the uterus, endometrium, ovaries and adnexae £150
Pregnancy​ (Obstetric ) Scans Determine if a baby is present, check for multiple pregnancy, position of the baby, help determine the age, and sometimes gender of the pregnancy and due date, may diagnose abnormalities, monitor the health and development of the baby. £150
Musculoskeletal Scans To assess muscle, joint, tendon & ligament disease such as tears, inflammation or damage to joints that may be causing debilitating pain in the shoulder, arm, elbow, wrist & hand, groin (for hernias), hip, leg, knee, foot & ankle. Also investigates a wide range of soft tissue lumps from the common and benign lipomas to malignant tumours (i.e. sarcomas) and metastases. We provide specialist advice to enable you to progress into the correct care pathway straight away. £150 per body area
Small Parts (Neck) Scans To evaluate many of the superficial organs such as the thyroid gland for goitre, lumps, tumours and malfunctions; the salivary glands for pain, swelling, acute inflammation, Sjogren syndrome, stones, tumours, etc. £150
Small Parts (Scrotum) Scans To diagnose suspected abnormalities of the scrotum such as problems of the testes, epididymes and surrounding tissues typically pain, swelling and lumps in the scrotum. £150
Vascular (DVT) Scans To scan the major blood vessels in the abdomen, neck, arms and legs to check for blood clots, plaque or emboli. Can also check for aneurysm. Helps plan for effective treatment. £150 per limb or vessel area


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