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Role of Ultrasounds

Role of Ultrasounds

As part of our weekly CPD Meetings at Harmonic Medical Sonography, a general overview of the role of ultrasounds was presented by our Managing and Clinical Director, Kumbulani Zhou.

The agenda covered the below topics:

Discuss the Role of Ultrasound ​Scans (USS)

  • Science, instrumentation & technique​
  • Common pathology & USS appearances ​
  • Strengths & limitations of USS​
  • New developments & future of USS

Often our patients ask what an ultrasound scan is. As a simple explanation, high frequency sound waves that aren’t audible to human hearing are transmitted through the body by a transducer probe. These sound waves are reflected back from the object (often an organ or tissue) and received by the machine to compile an image called a sonogram.

Our experienced sonographers are then able to assess the sonogram and write a report based on their findings.

In order to create the best possible image, our sonographers may ask you to reposition when necessary. All of our practitioners are trained to make the experience as comfortable as possible for the patient and to encourage feedback during the scan. Please do not hesitate to let your sonographer know if you are feeling any discomfort.

As best practice techniques continue to develop and evolve it is vital our sonography practitioners receive regular training regardless of their tenure or level of experience. Our clinical director travels to train and assess our sonographers so that we are able to deliver the best possible patient experience as well as diagnosis.

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