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Excellent service, excellent facility.

Excellent service, excellent facility. Requested if I could have a private scan as I was feeling a lump (man’s bits) but wasn’t sure how to put this across to my employer. Spoke to the appointment lady who was very professional and understanding. She offered me to attend the following day but I couldn’t. then suggested early morning or evening appointment. I took the 8.30 early morning appointment for the following day. I received my appointment by email and a reminder via SMS, with clear directions and a map. I arrived at the Harmonic Medical Sonography clinic just after 8am to find the staff expecting me and knowing that I needed to be seen quickly to go to work. I was very worried and sweating. the healthcare professional introduced himself and explained that most of these lumps are nothing to worry about, but that we needed to check anyway in order to be sure and put my mind at rest. I was still worried. My scan was carried out in a state of the art clinic, my report emailed to my before I left the clinic. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Luckily it was a simple cyst they said (a pocket of fluid) and not cancer. they said I can see my GP for further advice if I wanted to but it was not necessary since it was very small. I asked them to send copy of my results to the GP but felt really relieved after the scan. now back to work and settled. Fees not bad considering I was booked and seen in less than 24 hours. I paid £100 which I was asked to pay by bacs from their website. All in all I was seen to and out of the clinic before my actual appointment time. Thank you so much.