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Industry News: Reading minds with ultrasound

Industry News: Reading minds with ultrasound

This week one of our members of the clinical team shared a recent news article about utilising ultrasound to map brain activity.

Neuroscientists study the brain and how this vital organ works in conjunction with the rest of the body. They are able to use this information to develop brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) – devices that read and interpret brain activity and transmit instructions to a computer or machine. In recent times BMI technology has progressed to help those suffering with various conditions such enabling a paraplegic to operate robotic legs with their neural activity.

A major limitation for the development of BMIs is that the devices require invasive brain surgery to read out neural activity. But now, a collaboration at Caltech has developed a new type of minimally invasive BMI to read out brain activity corresponding to the planning of movement. Using functional ultrasound (fUS) technology, it can accurately map brain activity from precise regions deep within the brain.

Please read the article from Science Daily in full here.

At Harmonic Medical Sonography we have been utilising the wonderful discovering of ultrasound technology for a variety of applications since 2011 when the company first started. As technology has progressed we are in awe of the multitude of uses ultrasound science has and how this can change the everyday lives of patients suffering with life debilitating conditions.

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