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Infection Prevention: Ultrasound Gels

Infection Prevention: Ultrasound Gels

At Harmonic Medical Sonography we take infection control seriously as the healthcare of our patients takes precedence. Along with a rigorous clinical governance structure, we ensure we stay up to date with evolving best practice standards.

Public Health England (PHE) recently published interim guidance surrounding the use of ultrasound gels.

Our patients can rest assured our infection policies surrounding ultrasound gels are still compliant as we have been following the same outlined guidance for a number of years now.

This includes the use of sterile probe covers as well as:

Sterile Gel for

  • where there is contact with non-intact skin
  • where there is contact with mucous membrane (for example for transrectal or transvaginal procedures)
  • for examinations on immunocompromised, neonatal intensive care or critically ill hospitalised patients 

In the case of non-sterile gel – our clinics always utilise single filled gel bottles (non refillable) that do not come into direct contact with the patient or instruments, as well as discarded if soiled or over one week of use.

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