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Ultrasound has Potential to Damage Coronaviruses, Study Finds

Ultrasound has Potential to Damage Coronaviruses, Study Finds

An new study by MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering suggests that the coronavirus structure reacts to ultrasound frequencies.

The results are from a preliminary study and limited data, but has a basis for observing the breakdown of the physical properties of the virus across a range of ultrasound frequencies. They found that vibrations between 25 and 100 megahertz triggered the virus’ shell and spikes to collapse and start to rupture.

This study may be important in pioneering ultrasound based treatments for those suffering from coronavirus.

As specialists in ultrasound imaging, it is an interesting idea that has engaged our clinical team here at Harmonic Medical Sonography.

Read more here about the news published in Imaging Technology News yesterday.

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